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Mathematical Modeling and its Critical-Reflexive Dimension
Milton Rosa, Daniel Clark Orey

Construir: UVM
Sala: E103
Fecha: 2015-05-04 15:00 – 15:20
Última modificación: 2015-04-21


Among the innovative teaching methodologies, it is important to highlight the use of critical-reflexive dimension of mathematical modeling approach to solve problem situations that afflict contemporary society. In the last three decades, mathematical modeling, particularly, research related to the critical-reflexive dimension of this approach has been looking for an identity, is defining its own objectives, and is developing a sense of its own nature and potential of research methods and investigations in order to legitimize pedagogical action. In this regard, it is necessary to discuss the importance of philosophical and theoretical perspectives found in the critical-reflexive dimension of mathematical modelling and its epistemology as well as the importance of a learning environment that helps students to develop their critical-reflexive efficiency.

Palabras clave

mathematical modeling; critical-reflexive dimension; sociocultural theory; social theory of knowledge; critical-reflexive efficiency; emancipatory approach

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