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Mathematical modeling ina long distance course: Acessing higher education in Brazil
Milton Rosa, Daniel Clark Orey

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The authors led a group of diverse students by using long distance technologies to write mathematical models in relation to their experience with the nationwide protests related to a sudden and steep climb in transportation costs during June 2013. In this article the authors outline theories and work related to critical mathematical modeling, distance interaction, and transactional distance by using long-distance technologies in Brazil. Mathematical modeling became a teaching methodology that focuses on the development of a critical and reflexive efficacy that engages students in a contextualized teaching-learning process that allows them to become involved in the construction of solutions of social significance. This critical dimension of mathematical modeling is based on the comprehension and understanding of reality, in which students learn to reflect, analyze and take action on their reality. This approach coupled with long distance education allows students to access higher education in Brazil.

Palabras clave

Critical Reflexive Mathematical modeling, Higher education, Long Distance Education, Virtual Learning Environment

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