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The Connections Between Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Ethnomathematics
Milton Rosa, Daniel Clark Orey

Construir: UVM
Sala: F006
Fecha: 2015-05-06 15:00 – 15:20
Última modificación: 2015-04-14


The implementation of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy helps to develop student intellectual, social, and political learning by using their cultural referents to acquire knowledge. It is designed to fit together school culture with students’ cultural backgrounds to help them to conceptualize knowledge. It uses prior experiences of minority students to make learning more relevant and effective in order to strengthen their connectedness with school. There is a need to examine the embeddedness of culture mathematics, which takes on the cultural nature of knowledge production into the mathematics curriculum. Ethnomathematics and culturally relevant pedagogy-based approaches to mathematics curriculum are intended to make mathematical content relevant to students. The objective of this theoretical article is to discuss the principles of culturally relevant education according to an ethnomathematical perspective.

Palabras clave

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Ethnomathematics, Curriculum, Freedom Quilts, Underground Railroad

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