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Professional Knowledge of (Prospective) Mathematics Teachers – Its Structure and Development
Gabriele Kaiser, Sigrid Blömeke, Andreas Busse, Martina Döhrmann, Johannes König

Última modificación: 2015-04-16


Recent research on the professional knowledge of mathematics teachers, which hasbeen carried out in the last decade, is in the focus of this paper. Building on theinternational IEA Teacher Education and Development Study – Learning to TeachMathematics (TEDS-M), this paper describes a more situated way of evaluating theprofessional knowledge of teachers. The theoretical framework of the follow-upstudy of TEDS-M takes up the novice-expert framework and analyses via videobasedassessment instruments the structure and development of the professionalknowledge of mathematics teachers. More recent concepts on noticing andinterpreting classroom situations and students’ activities are also incorporated intothe analysis. Connecting the results of the study TEDS-FU with the study TEDS-Mgives insight into the development of the professional knowledge of mathematicsteachers.

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